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500+ Websites That Pay Writers

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Invest in your writing career and buy a curated database of 500+ websites that pay writers up to $1,000/post.

Elevate your craft and turn your passion into profit with our meticulously researched list of writing opportunities.

You'll get free updates and lifetime access to:

  • Neatly organized Airtable database (500+ websites)
  • Neatly organized Notion database (coming soon)
  • Neatly organized Google Sheets database (coming soon)
  • Ready-to-use pitch templates (coming soon)

"After 15 years in tech, I recently decided to start blogging, and I almost gave up because I didn't know how to find gigs. Then I found this list, pure gold." – Mišel Tekinder, developer and technical writer

Sortable data points

Each row in the list includes 14 data points:

  • Website
  • URL
  • Description
  • 40+ categories (business, technology, travel, finance, news, and lots more )
  • Payment range ($50-$1,000)
  • Pay type (per word, per post)
  • Application URL
  • Guidelines URL
  • Contact person name
  • Contact person role
  • Contact link
  • And more...

How much does it cost?

If you've ever tried researching for highly targeted leads you know it can take forever.

This database is a work in progress but if you only pitch one site and get paid $200, that's already a 10X return on investment.

Free updates and lifetime access

Buy now and get unlimited benefits:

  • New websites paying writers (planning to get to 1,000 sites in 2024)
  • Updates at no additional cost
  • Software deals (coming soon)

About Craftled

Craftled team in Alicante, Spain.

We're an independent team of makers, crafting useful digital products, services, and tools for businesses.

Since 2020, we've been building Best Writing, the all-in-one platform connecting writers with businesses, serving hundreds of thousands of writers annually.

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Lifetime access to a database of websites that pay writers

Airtable database (instant access)
500+ websites
Notion database (coming soon)
500+ websites
Google Sheets database (coming soon)
500+ websites
Ready-to-use pitch templates (coming soon)
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500+ Websites That Pay Writers

13 ratings
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